Large Double Deck Exhibition Stand Design

Our Stands Dubai strives hard to provide not the better but the best to meet your exhibition needs. For large exhibition stands, we offer dynamic 360-degree solutions. We have gained expertise by serving cross-section businesses for years. We use this expertise, project management skills, and exclusive consultancy skills to deliver lucrative, dynamic, and goal-oriented exhibition solutions. In our big budget stands, we reach our goals by maximizing ROI and suggesting solutions to invest lesser money in highly influential ideas. Our in-house designing solutions help you customize your stand according to your desire and need, reach your goals and maintain unmatchable quality control.

Are you searching for something exclusively special to reach a better response from a bigger crowd? We have double-deck stands which are nothing less than engineered decks. Our double deck stands have graphic exhibition spaces, panels for product display, and stairs and bridges.

These pre-engineered decks are fast, easy to assemble and meet the convention center requirements. The ease of use eliminates the time restriction factor and helps us to focus more on quality and design. We have samples, kits, and prototypes to let you get a better idea of the size and shape of stands so that you can seek customization solutions according to your plans.

The choice of our stands is easy. You need to pick up the deck size and competent stair configuration. Generally, a configuration of one staircase on a large double deck can accommodate nine occupants. For larger decks, the ideal solution is to install more staircases.

To ensure safety during prominence and attention gathering, we have trained a reliable team of engineers who draw and gauge the safety calculations and security parameters. The security is strengthened by getting approvals from higher authorities and concerned departments about the designs, and this whole process does not limit the time of action. We have a warehouse facility for larger decks to save time by mocking up the designs.

The safety of large double-deck stand configuration and construction depends on the expertise we proudly gained from Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Dubai World Trade Center, and other reputed convention centers.

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