Prize Contests to Attract Visitors to Your Booth

It is standard for companies to set up exhibition stands at different events as a promotional strategy. These stands ensure that potential clients can become acquainted with your business and everything you offer. The whole point of these displays is to attract people your way, which is not an easy feat to achieve considering the number of options such events tend to offer. Thus, if you want to make your exhibition stand Dubai the centre of attraction, prize contests would be pretty effective.

The exhibition displays Dubai ensure that you get a chance to interact with people, and this would only happen if they consider your booth worthy of their attention. To make this happen, there are specific contests you can hold which never fail to make people go crazy.

Charge and Check-In

One surefire way to attract people is to have a charging station or a Wi-Fi hotspot on your stand. However, this is not all. You can make things all the more enjoyable by making a game out of the Wi-Fi password. You can have people scan a QR code once they connect to the Wi-Fi, following which there are various contests that you can have them play.

Spot the Difference

This can easily be considered one of the classic games that never fail. All that would be required of you is to place two similar photographs and have people spot the difference. To make the game revolve around your company, the pictures could be something relevant to your line of business. For instance, you can use an image of your office, team or logo.

Spin the Wheel

This is something that hardly ever fails. People love to play spin the wheel since the chances of winning are high. As a prize, opting for custom-printed products that promote your business would be a good idea. Everything you offer as a prize should be linked to your company in one way or another so that people will be forced to remember you for a long time.

Industry-Relevant Trivia

If you want the contest to be more about your business, you can organize a trivia related to your field. You would be surprised at how much people want to know whether they are thinking of the correct answer. Curiosity is natural, and you can take full advantage of it.

Guess How Many

You can fill a jar with marbles or pebbles and have people guess how many items are in it. It would be a good idea to make people write the answers on the back of their business cards, which would allow you to learn more about the people you are likely to deal with in the future.

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