Top 5 Trade Show Mistakes That Need to be Avoided

Trade shows are a platform for you to discover new potential clients. Each show has a lot of money, time and effort invested. Being a good businessman does not automatically make you a trade show expert. You can make mistakes if you are a veteran or even a beginner. However, to score more success than your competitors, make sure to avoid these 5 basic mistakes:

The trade booth on which you lay out all the information you need customers to know is the first impression you will be making on them. Make sure it is interactive, exciting and informative. When potential clients come to your booth, they should immediately have an idea of what you are marketing or else they will walk right past your vague setup. As long as you show the clients that you are aware of your position and holding, you will have an added advantage of confidence.

  • Lack of Social Media Interaction

Since everyone operates on social media, you must ensure you are up to date and ready to proclaim your business to your ‘followers’ like the exhibition stand design Dubai. You need to be able to promote your business on social media platforms and provide multiple links to your trade show accounts. This will help you get to know your potential clients and allow them to send out any queries they have. Once you have established your set of followers, you have increased the amount of trust and good faith in your budding business.

  • Hiring the Wrong Intern

Setting up your booth is not your only trouble. Take exhibition stand contractors in Dubai, for example. These businessmen know better than to hire a random intern to run their booth. You are mistaken if you believe that anyone can smile at customers and hand out leaflets. The person you choose to stand in your booth is your company’s representative and must be able to answer questions face-to-face without stuttering. In-person marketing helps clients establish faith in your novice company which, in turn, helps form long-lasting business relationships.

  • Ambushing Customers

Most potential clients like to explore their options by themselves. Pouncing on them and subjecting them to a forceful conversation will not help spike their interest in your company. Instead, it will drive them away. Not every person you come across will be interested in what you have to offer. Instead of taking it personally, make your booth such that it is hard to miss and potential clients show up to interact and find out what exactly you are marketing.

  • Forgetting to Follow Up

After putting in all the money and effort you can, you do not want to miss a potential client only because you forgot to hit them up once the show finished. Remember that several companies like yours have attacked these customers, and their chances of forgetting the unimpressive ones are high. However, if you talk to them right after the show while their memory is still fresh, you will manage to leave an impact, increasing the chances of a big sale.

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