Walking With the Changing Trends in Exhibition Stand Design

It is often said that if there is one constant thing in this world, it is changed. Trends in every field are constantly evolving, and you need to remain updated to ensure you do not lag. If you are looking for exhibition stand builders Dubai, the first thing that you need to do is understand the kind of designs that are currently on trend. This would make it easier for you to find contractors capable of getting the job done. Let us shed some light on the current trend of the stands and their various aspects.


It is the fabric which is currently used for the display stand. This is because materials are light in weight and can easily be altered to create shapes that would capture attention. You can easily make use of fabric to construct a booth. One option is to use translucent material and go for the whole wall graphic display. Fabrics also serve to ensure that your stand has the feeling of openness to it. No one would feel claustrophobic in such a stand. Thus, while looking for stand builders in Dubai, endeavour to find someone who can work with fabrics.

Another option that you have is wood. Metals are used for the display stands that must be in place for a long time or be transported. Therefore, if you want an exhibition stand that you can transport easily, you will have to find exhibition stand contractors in Dubai who can work with metals.


It is essential to get different lighting for your booth to ensure that it is spotted from a distance. Spotlights, gobos, and halogens are among the variants of illumination that you can use. You can also opt for special effects to attract attention.

Design of the Box

These days, it is box design which people prefer for their stands. This is because it defines the boundaries of the booth to perfection. It also makes it easier for you to use all the available space.


There is no reason you cannot experiment with the shapes of the booth. You can add movement to your stand and opt for complex conditions that make things enjoyable.

Colour Theme

You will also need to choose a colour theme for your exhibition stand. Endeavour to opt for the colours currently in fashion, as this will accentuate your perspective’s attention.

Get the Best on the Job

It is advisable to look for exhibition stand builders who would complete the job perfectly. Conduct adequate research to find someone who would not let you down and would provide you with the results you are looking for.

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