What Is Brand Activation and How Does It Work?

Lately, many famous brands are using activation to invite customers to try their products, establishing popularity and building trust. Brand activation helps customers feel personally connected to the brand and its versatile products. An activation campaign is incomplete without the exhibition stand builders in Dubai because stands or booths are the primary tools used in any campaign.

What Is Brand Activation?

Have you ever wondered how brands like L’Oréal, Rolls Royce, and Apple became widespread and widely trusted? Any idea how much effort and time went into this worldwide appeal that helped these brands grow daily?

The final product is unknown when companies manufacture a product based on its innovation. For new companies, this matter is even more severe as customers would not easily trust a company that has never been heard of, much less invest money into its products.

An example of this is the exhibition stand builder. Dome Exhibitions is one of the award-winning exhibition stand companies in Dubai, and over the past 26 years, it has built a high-end name for itself in UAE and across the globe. Brands worldwide and companies of all sizes trust Dome Exhibitions for the best results.

Using customer engagement marketing platforms such as campaigns, events, advertisement through media and consumer participation, brand activation has helped millions of home-based and large-scale companies.

How Does It Work?

Brand activation can be done by sending out products to be sampled within retail stores and events.

Not only does this help make customers aware of a new product within the market, but it also helps the brand understand its competitors and how much work it needs to put into its product to make it stand out in the market. It has to play its cards right to establish long-term benefits for the customers and the company itself.

Brands must figure out a way to reach their target audience while pulling at their emotions. The marketing events should be able to engage the audience in positive thoughts and feelings about the product, making them trust the company and the brand so that once released, many people use the product within the market.

Things to Remember

  • For successful brand activation, companies must be able to understand their consumers and target their passions by using innovative strategies.
  • Step in at the correct time and place to increase the chances of a consumer trying the product. This is integral so that the customer does not feel violated and companies can connect with them without invading their privacy.
  • By using in-person events and passing out product samples, customers will be able to try them and build trust in the company. If sample products cannot be passed around, use ample space to connect with customers and increase their faith in the company.


Make use of brand activation to make sure the campaign is a success. Target the correct audience at the proper time within a suitable place, and once you establish trust in your product and company, you can expect a massive hit in the market.

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